Lam’s family has been sponsoring the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital groups for
over 20 years, starting with the healthy diet and lifestyle program called the New
Start program, promoting an overall healthy lifestyle through vegetarian eating,
green activities, and mind.

The family has been actively supporting numerous charity organisation which includes Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation, Chi Heng Foundation, The Outstanding Young Persons Association, Community Care Fund HK, UNESCO – Run for Peace, etc. In 2012, the group’s founder, Juliana Lam, became one of the few key executives to form a well-known NGO “Green Monday” in Hong Kong to further promoting green and healthy living style.

The group is also involved in the Athena Education Foundations eLearning platform which aims to promote writing and family bonding through a series of fun educational programs.

Juliana is very active in the community and is currently holding several public positions in Hong Kong, including being the Council Member of The Better Hong Kong Foundation, Committee Member and Members’ Affairs Committee Member of Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council since 2014. She is also the visiting professor of Fuzhou Minjiang University.