January 29, 2019

Don’t ask what the community can do for you, but ask what you can do for the community.

It was well said by our Lifetime Achievement Award winner who joined us at the inaugural Women Eco Game Changer 2017 award ceremony in Hong Kong PMQ on the 18 October 2017.

Awarded as an Entrepreneur of Tomorrow 2010 by Capital Entrepreneur Magazine, China Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Awards 2012 by the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Ms. Juliana Lam, Founder and Managing Director of Julius Industries Ltd, received a nomination and won the judge’s hearts with her caring nature and her sustainable efforts in revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry in Hong Kong. Accumulating 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry specializing in gloves & accessories. Juliana manages over 20 gloves factories in China and in South East Asia.

Being a woman with a leadership role in the manufacturing industry isn’t an easy feat for her because it was uncommon in her industry. Juliana had to put in additional efforts and actions to change the perspective of others for her work. With her dedication and earnest determination, she broke all stereotypes and became the only female who was awarded the “2014 Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong”.

Caring for our environment is not a stand-alone issue, I believe it takes different parties to work together in order to achieve a real sustainable platform.

Apart from Juliana’s amazing works in transforming a conservative industry into innovative with sustainable practices, she is dedicated to serving the community and care for the people around. With her strong passion in raising Health awareness and Environmental friendly practices, she and her family have been sponsoring the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital groups for over 15 years, starting a healthy diet and lifestyle program called the New Start program, promoting a healthy lifestyle through mindfulness, veganism and practicing green activities.

In the year of 2012, Juliana formed “Green Monday” in Hong Kong to further promoting green and healthy living style. Joined as the Director of Social Venture Hong Kong, she dedicates her time and knowledge to help local small companies to come up with ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to tackle operation challenges.

Juliana also tries to give back as much as possible. She sponsors the needy students with financial aids and works as visiting professor helping graduates-to-be at the Minjiang University at Fuzhou.

Juliana urges future youth to start with one thing that you want to improve and focus on, then try to look into pros and cons with all decisions. Don’t expect to win them all, instead, win one step at a time, and it’s the beauty of progress as she reminisces her journey. She said, “winning this award has deepened my faith in my works, and there is no boundary when it comes to the meaningful mission”.


Original Article from GGEF.com